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Robosoft ranked No.1 in the list of ‘Top UX Design Companies’

DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, recently identified the top UX Design Companies and trends and examples within UX design. This was done with an aim to highlighting projects which ‘create an enjoyable experience for users and drive loyalty and revenue’.

We are pleased to announce that we were ranked No. 1 in the list of Top UX design companies and our work for Discovery+, India’s first aggregated non-scripted, immersive entertainment streaming app was ranked among projects which illustrate ‘best practice in UX design and development’.

Read more about our work for Discovery+ here. Our work on the project earned this testimonial from the client:

“The team at Robosoft played a significant role in building this multi-platform experience spanning iOS, Android, Web and Fire TVs. Their team comprises an extremely dedicated bunch of folks with a keen problem solving approach.”

Read more about our work for Discovery+

The project was also written about in the technology section of Indian Express, a leading Indian daily.

The report from DesignRush also indicates the new trends within UX design and development:

  1. Animation
  2. Careful color selection
  3. Personalization
  4. Inclusive and adaptive design
  5. Optimized micro-interactions

See more of our work here.

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IIFL – Best Private Sector Bank for Innovations in Wealth Management Technology – Asia

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The story of Discovery+: Our journey into creating a multiexperience OTT app for a niche segment

Discovery, a global leader in real life entertainment recently launched Discovery Plus, an entertainment OTT platform in India. Issac John, Business Head – Digital (South Asia) of Discovery and our CEO Ravi Teja Bommireddipalli spoke with Indian Express, a leading daily in India.

The article outlines details of the journey of Discovery+, including targeting a niche target segment like ‘lifelong learners’, which is not an area other streaming services typically focus on.

OTT app for Discovery

Image source

Discovery+ has no movies or scripted TV shows, and the focus is on content around adventure, wildlife, travel, lifestyle, which is what the brand is known for. The Discovery+ app also needed India specific optimizations, especially to ensure optimal viewing experience. Aside from Android, iOS and the web, the brand experience will also be available on Smart TVs too.

Read more about our experience in the media & entertainment industry – helping companies adapt to the new media landscape, influenced by the rise of digital entertainment.


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Elements of a True Omnichannel Customer Experience

Enterprises across consumer goods, B2C and B2B believe that customer experience can be an edge to attract and retain customers. While a digital medium is a key element of CX, customers decide when and on which channel they want to contact a brand, for what type of information, during which stage of the sales cycle and so on. Brands may be under pressure to be present across channels (which may not be required) and also orchestrate a positive and cohesive omnichannel experience.

What is Omnichannel Customer Experience?

At its core, the omnichannel promise is simple; it means supporting customers effectively and cohesively across all digital channels, and all the different ways in which customers and organizations can interact with each other. The overarching goal is to ensure that the product or service being offered makes the best use of the channel and helps in fostering a consistent, positive customer experience.

Omnichannel CX can thereby be summed as the cumulative effect of the strategically planned user experiences that extend across all channels, devices, and incorporates the brand’s tonality across all designs and messaging seamlessly and consistently.

Omnichannel CX success, however, is not merely limited to the number of channels integrated as part of the customer communication cycle. There’s a lot more to an Omnichannel CX strategy.

The CX vision of your brand is exclusive to the experiences you wish you create. It is about the larger purpose you wish to accomplish and the feeling you would like to invoke in your customers. Brands should thereby formulate their exclusive omnichannel definition to create a strategy for managing omnichannel experiences efficiently.

Why do brands struggle with Omnichannel CX Transformation?

One of the most common reasons brands struggle in this area is because they are channel-aligned rather than customer-aligned. Also given the surge in customer touchpoints, enterprises are overwhelmed and tempted to be present across platforms in the hope to garner a competitive advantage.  The key, however, is to identify what works, carefully plan and execute a strategy that resonates with your brand and customer vision.

Brands with omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain over 89% of their customers on an average. Tapping into the right combination of omnichannel and customer experience trends will be the key to success for enterprises, business leaders, marketers and CX professionals in 2020.

Is Multichannel and Omnichannel experience the same thing?

In multichannel communications, the ‘brand’ remains the focus through which businesses engage consumers by sharing relevant content across multiple touch-points. Most brands often apply multi-channel marketing methods as it seems quick and easy to implement. As the nature of multichannel communications is fragmented, the messaging is not necessarily seamless or consistent across channels. This approach does not focus on creating a unified voice by optimizing the customer experience across channels.

On the contrary, omnichannel experience focuses on creating a unified customer experience from the first to the last point of contact, gathering customer insights and data along the journey to provide relevant and integrated messaging throughout – the ‘customer’ being the point of focus.

Brands embarking on an omnichannel transformation must thereby ensure that all channels are optimized for each customer interaction. And to be able to achieve this, they must seek to understand what customers truly care about at a granular level.

So what do customers truly care about?

  1. Speed and flexibility
  2. Reliability and transparency
  3. Simplicity and clarity
  4. Proactive outreach and timely communication
  5. Empathy and care

That said, not all customer expectations can be categorized into specific segments. Brands should explore ways to gather direct feedback and insights from customers to understand what matters most to them and why. Additionally, not all these factors can impact the overall experience. It could be a combination of these at varying degrees and more that can contribute to the overall experience. It’s thereby critical to analyze the factors that can make all the difference. While speed might be the top priority for one brand, timely customer communication might be the key to another.

Let’s explore the essential components for brands to consider while crafting an exclusive omnichannel experience.

Key Components of Successful Omnichannel Strategies

Begin with User Research

User research is the foundation for creating a successful product or service. It lays the user at the center of the experience and helps in crafting offerings that align with the user’s needs. It’s essential to align your omnichannel strategy with a scientific technique like user research to gauge and assess what users say vs what they do, which could often be remarkably different. The insights with user research can be integral in creating a befitting omnichannel strategy and help in understanding the key triggers that influence a positive customer experience across channels.

Craft Design Principles based on the Omnichannel Strategy

Considering the surge in digital platforms and technologies, the way ahead for brands to differentiate and garner a competitive advantage is to create offerings embedded in an intuitive design interface that is custom built to match the customer persona. Design principles that align with the omnichannel strategy can help in influencing the customer communication process with insights about the most receptive channels that can increase engagement and elevate the customer experience to a whole new level.

Prioritize Customer Touchpoints

Not all touchpoints are significant for every business. Even within a brand, the touchpoint that works for one service might not be apt for another. Prioritize customer touchpoints in the context of the business and focus on the ones that can have the most significant impact on the overall customer experience.

Design Customer Journeys to ensure they meet all Customer Requirements

Cluster customer segments by determining where their buyer journey begins and identifying all the touchpoints they prefer & the triggers that lead to desired outcomes. By identifying what leads to cart abandonment, retail brands can modify the customer journey and enhance the shopping experience across channels. By mapping customer journeys and beginning with the end objective in mind can help brands in setting goals, prioritizing the most important journey; analyzing the complexity involved in enhancing the journey and what this means to the customer.

Balance between Automation and Human Interaction

While customers expect brands to understand their preferences with intelligent technology they also expect empathetic human interactions depending on where they are in the journey. Maintaining a fine balance of both into the overall customer experience can be the real differentiator for brands. By understanding when a conversation needs to switch from a bot to an agent especially when a customer has a specific or unique request can bring in a remarkable difference to the customer experience.

Have an IT Structure that supports a Seamless Omnichannel Experience

Seamless user experiences are close to impossible without the right technology in place. The changing consumer preferences, the convergence of technology and the dynamic business environment are opening doors for new opportunities.

To succeed and capitalize on these opportunities, enterprises will have to adopt an agile, design-led, customer-first development process that views the IT & design structure as an ongoing process with openness towards continual redesign that evolves alongside the customer journeys. With new technologies and applications on an all-time rise; brands will be more open about experimenting and implementing an IT backbone for their omnichannel experience.

Brands that have Scaled with Omnichannel Customer Experiences


To be able to begin where you last left, regardless of the channel being used is one of the factors that make omnichannel experiences most desirable to customers and brands. True to its mission, the ‘digital-only’ company nailed its data unification process through its customer accounts, a space where they’ve been gaining a competitive edge with relevant promotions, personalized recommendations; enabling users to review, screen and order effortlessly. Its omnichannel strategy allows shoppers to switch between the app and website without losing track of any of their activities. Additionally, the prime account enables access to the e-commerce platform, video content and also enables integration with Alexa and Kindle. This gets a boost further where customers with Prime Subscriptions can use the same account across different countries. It also manages third-party vendors who can communicate via Amazon’s channels and enable a seamless experience with the same speed and efficiency.  Amazon is truly one of those rare brands that are infinite with its reach, making it one of the brands that master the omnichannel strategy remarkably.

Image source

Bank of America

With the need for personalization & seamless experiences at an all-time high, Fintech terms are no exception. Banking service providers must thereby leverage data and insights collected throughout their customer journeys and use these insights to build customer value & trust, improve satisfaction and reduce operational costs. Whether an in-person or online transaction or an ATM visit, banks need to ensure a seamless omnichannel experience to their customers. Bank of America, one of the biggest brands in the industry, takes its omnichannel development seriously. They are raising the bar for creating dynamic experiences that allow cheque deposits, appointment scheduling and paying monthly bills from desktop and mobile apps to ensuring it creates a hassle-free experience for users. The virtual bank visits enable customers to access Free Wi-Fi and continue bank transactions during their wait period and also offer tablets at their kiosks. Taking the omnichannel experience one notch higher they formulated the ‘Robo-branch’ initiative where customers can manage conversations and grievances online without having to wait for a teller, perfectly blending digital with personalized financial planning.

Image source


Another brand that has an impeccable omnichannel strategy is Disney. It has every detail carefully planned and seamlessly executed. The My Disney Experience tool is available for both desktop and mobile devices and enables guests to plan their entire vacation. From purchasing Fast passes, park tickets, viewing showtimes, making dining reservations, checking transportation and also purchasing merchandise,  all of this can be managed from within the tool.  Besides, Disney’s Magic wristbands connect guests with predetermined My Disney Experience choices that help guests enter parks, unlock hotel room doors, get photos, check-in at Fast Pass entrances for rides, make payments via the credit cards stored in their accounts and also get deliveries of their purchases made right to their rooms.  Disney’s CX experience is second to none for how it magically integrates it’s online and in-person customer experiences.


IKEA the global home furnishings retailer is making the most with its omnichannel experiences. The brand has one of the most intuitive mobile app interfaces that operate like an eCommerce website, enabling customers to choose and save their favorite catalog items to be used on the website or in-store. Additionally, it also uses VR technology to help viewers visualize furniture in their homes without having to visit a store. The stores are equally well planned with the app informing users precisely where they can pick up goods from the store.  Not just this, they also share current inventory and stock availability information based on the forecasted shipment inventory and current stock levels to ensure customers can plan their visits based on the stock availability. Ikea also has ‘pick-up and order’ points which enable customers to pick up orders closer to where they live.

One of the most recent additions to its omnichannel experience is its new batch of IKEA Planning Studio stores which uses 3D planning tools for kitchens and bathrooms. These are relatively smaller stores aimed for customers who cannot visit out-of-town stores. They hold no stock, inspiring customers to pre-book orders that are thereby delivered and installed from their larger warehouses. Ikea is one of the brands that have seamlessly integrated its online and offline shopping experiences to create a truly exceptional omnichannel strategy.

The need for omnichannel is not limited to specific industries; it’s influenced by customer preferences as more channels continue to emerge.  With mobile and assistive technologies becoming ubiquitous to the customer experience, brands need to look at ways to embracing these to stay top of mind and provide users with relevant omnichannel engagement. And the ones that understand this & commit themselves towards understanding customer journeys to build capabilities that provide a seamless omnichannel service will be able to scale customer experience & delight in the years to come.

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Robosoft’s commitment towards business continuity and employee well-being during COVID-19

The current COVID-19 crisis has presented enterprises across the globe with the challenge to continue business operations while ensuring the safety and well-being of their employees. Enterprises are thereby taking preventive and precautionary measures to minimize the impact of this crisis on the ongoing business.

At Robosoft, we value the trust that our customers place in us as their digital service provider and have taken appropriate measures to ensure business continuity along with the wellbeing of our customers and employees across geographies.

In this context, our CEO, Ravi Teja Bommireddipalli outlines the steps that have been taken to address the current situation:

‘’As valued customers of Robosoft, we appreciate the trust you place in us as your digital & technology services partner. Recognizing the ongoing and increased uncertainty that coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing around the world, our highest priority is the business continuity, health, and well-being of our customers and employees. With this in mind, we wanted to update you on the actions we have taken in response to the outbreak.

Supporting our customers’ business

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11th, 2020. Ever since we have taken the necessary steps to ensure we have a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place. We understand that this is a key priority for our customers. So, we are ensuring that our engineers, designers, analysts, project managers, and all leaders will be working for you without disruption by using telephone, video or audio conferencing technology and VPN connectivity that supports remote login and secure working. Apart from these measures, our employees have all signed confidentiality letters that enable strict adherence to customer data privacy.

As a B2B service provider working with enterprises around the globe, we have had remote teams in place for several years now. Most of our team members – especially those with customer-facing roles are equipped to work from anywhere.

Action plan for our employees:

Restricted movements:

On March 14th, state governments, as well as local City/District Administration in India, sent strong recommendations to facilitate work from home for businesses. We have chosen to move most of our employees working in our Udupi, Bengaluru and Mumbai offices to work from their homes. We have procured additional laptops where needed and/or moved desktops to the employees’ residence to facilitate uninterrupted work.

Precautions at the workplace:

A small number of employees will continue to attend office and for those, we have recommended strict adherence to the following precautions:

  • Usage of N95 masks if traveling by public transport.
  • Seeing a doctor and avoid coming to the office, if anyone in the place of residence is feeling sick.
  • Completely avoid traveling long distances either by air, bus or train.
  • Completely avoid all public functions and public places with gatherings where there are more than 50 attendees.
  • Practice social distancing

The entry of visitors to our premises is restricted as a security measure. We have appraised our cleaning staff to clean all frequently used areas on an hourly basis. We have placed hand sanitizers in all wings, common areas, and work locations. We have sensitized our caterers about the good hygiene practice to be followed during this time.

Remote working or Work from Home (WFH):

We have provided remote login facilities through a secure VPN for employees working from home. We have also advised our employees to follow these guidelines to ensure continued  productivity:

Have a common login and logout time for all the team members; continue to log daily work details into our time-sheet management tool

  • Ensure the daily stand up calls take place so that everyone knows the status and the team can track progress.
  • Communication is key – both with teams and customers. Ensure that all the stakeholders are appraised at all times.
  • Make use of tools such as Skype, Slack, WhatsApp, Teams, WebEx & Zoom to communicate with each other.
  • Review the work progress multiple times during the day.
  • Adhere to a schedule, which the team, manager and the customer are aware so that there is utmost transparency.
  • During work hours, ensure that work is done in a distraction-free environment, especially when there are kids at home.
  • Ensure that client calls are attended to at the specified time so that all stakeholders know they can count on the team.

We’d like to stress that maintaining client confidentiality continues to be a key priority for us.

Travel Advisory:

We have clamped down on all air travel. Employees who are returning to India from foreign travel will need to work from home and self-quarantine themselves for a minimum of two weeks before they report to their respective work locations after a medical check-up.

We are confident that we will tide over this undoubtedly difficult situation and ensure that our deliverables do not suffer either on quality or time commitments. I once again would like to reassure you that we shall do our best to serve you. I look forward to your continued support.’’

With these measures taken to ensure business continuity and employee well-being, we hope to continue serving our customers and meeting our commitments, to the best of our abilities in the coming days.

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Is your app like a badly designed doorknob? – Ravi Teja’s column in Brand Equity

Our CEO Ravi Teja Bommireddipalli wrote a feature in Brand Equity, a weekly supplement on Marketing & Advertising published by India’s leading business daily, Economic Times. In the article, Ravi outlines some of the time-tested heuristic principles of Design Thinking that brand owners can integrate into their digital experiences.

Human-centered design triggers positive customer responses that can influence customer acquisition & retention.

He goes on to emphasize how the human-centered design helps brands build trust, loyalty & customer value and transform functional products into memorable and enduring experiences.

It’s no longer enough to create products that push the boundaries of technology. What’s more important is to understand your customers’ motivations and behavior patterns, and translate this into a robust design interface to elevate customer experiences that can garner your competitive advantage, brand recognition, and growth, he states.

You can read the full article here.

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A little help for tomorrow’s leaders

In line with our mission to simplify lives, we were privileged to donate learning and development equipment to government-run schools in and around Udupi, in December 2019. At Robosoft, we believe technology can be a power of good and can help transform our lives, helping us live, work & play better.

Children have the power of imagination and their fearless, can-do spirit only needs some encouragement and the right tools. As a company with technology at its core, we understand the power of computers and software in creating solutions for many of the world’s problems. As a small step in that direction, we donated computers, laptops, UPS, printers, desks, solar heaters, sports equipment, and more to various schools. We hope these will help children dream more and discover new possibilities.

We are focusing on rural development, education, skill development, and employment-enhancing vocational skills for children, women, and the differently-abled as our key social responsibility initiatives. In December 2019, we took part in activities in these schools and social service health camps:

  • Govt Higher Primary School, Bellur, Kundapur
  • LVP Aided School, Puttur, Santhekatte
  • Govt High School, Holebagilu, Kundapur
  • Govt Higher Primary School, Saibra Katte, Kundapur
  • Govt High School, Manipura, Katapady, Udupi
  • Hosa Belaku Seva Trust, Saralebettu, Udupi



We are truly humbled by the response and have received appreciation for our work particularly in the field of education. While we build technologies that simplify lives of millions across the globe, what brings us immense joy is being able to contribute towards skill development and learning for children – the leaders of tomorrow.

As an organization, we are committed to social responsibility and plan to execute initiatives through the year to give back to the society in our own small way.

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ETV Bharat: Winner in the ‘Content Everywhere’ category at IBC2019 Innovation Awards

We are overjoyed to announce that ETV Bharath, a one-of-a-kind digital media hub developed by Robosoft won the IBC2019 Innovation Awards under ‘Content Everywhere’ category at The World’s Most Influential Media Entertainment & Technology Show held in Amsterdam on 17 September 2019. The winning entry mentioned: “Together with other TV technology partners serving ETV Bharat, a new world-standard in mobile news production and distribution has been achieved.”

We are privileged to have partnered with several prestigious media, entertainment & publishing brands like Viacom18, Saregama, NDTV, Warner Bros., Disney and more, in creating experiences that have touched billions of lives.

We thank our customers for trusting us, and our talented team for their relentless effort.

About ETV Bharat:

A comprehensive digital national news platform, ETV Bharat – aims to deliver news and information services, using a video-centric Mobile App and Web Portals. Backed by the renowned and respected five-decade old Ramoji Group, ETV Bharat comprises a dedicated network of journalists in 23 states and offers news in 13 languages i.e.–Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Assamese, Odia and English. It promises the best of digital experience and journalistic standards with the credibility of the Eenadu& ETV Network.

To know more about our collaboration with ETV Bharath, read the case study.

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Robosoft collaborates with The Halo App to launch a peer-to-peer lending platform

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with The Halo App – a peer-to-peer lending platform in the US. The Halo App’s mission is to ‘transform the way you define being free’. The product enables users from all backgrounds to get access to funds quickly while also allowing Backers to make a return on their money.

Taylor Simpson, Founder & CEO of The Halo App said, “True to our mission, we aim to eliminate struggles faced by people using banks and cash advances storefronts. We are excited to partner with Robosoft who share our core values of passion and leadership. Robosoft has used Design Thinking, Product prioritization, Analytics, Agile delivery, world-class engineering and digital offshore development to put us on a fast track in terms of Time to Market.”

Commenting on the partnership, CEO of Robosoft, Ravi Teja Bommireddipalli said, “Simplifying lives for a better world is a maxim we abide by for everything we do at Robosoft. And so it is a meeting of minds, as it were. We at Robosoft believe that the Halo App is a digital start-up that has the leadership, vision and drive to be a unicorn soon. We are committed to provide a delightful digital experience to all of  Halo App customers.”

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Another milestone in our journey – Top Mobile App Development Company announced by

We are glad to inform our patrons and friends that Robosoft Technologies has been mentioned as a Top Mobile App Development Company that will make the business endeavors smoother and productive through technical fineness.

The announcement was made on April 25th 2019 in a press release. The article discusses and recommends technical refurbishing of the businesses that are striving to reach the audience forgetting the changing the business fields and the latest technical trends that will help them in achieving their business goals.

Quoted by

The points favored Robosoft to be the choice among others

The recognition is based on our previous achievements and excellence. Robosoft has always been noted as a top performer in attaining customer satisfaction and tailoring apt mobile app solutions that will remove the obstacles by laying a path towards successful business progression. Since we have an in-depth understanding about the business sectors and the trending mobile app solutions that will make things happen, Robosoft is much appreciated. We have sessions to teach our teams on how to smoothly take a project forward with no glitches and exceptionally good. From start to finish, we look into every single aspect of a project that we never get stuck in between as that will leave our clients unsatisfied

Apart from being esteemed as a Top Mobile app development Companies in India, we are also specialists in our extended list of services, which includes, Digital Advisory, UX/UI, Web Application Development & Maintenance, Design Strategy, Wearable, Design Thinking, Blockchain, and Emerging Technologies. Our bespoke solutions and the overwhelming words as an outcome of satisfaction from our customers make our relationship with the clients smoother.

Who are TopDevelopers? is a directory and review platform for IT service providers. They are offering an unbiased service by listing the genuine and highly professional IT firms that can help the service seekers better through quality technical services. The research team of TopDevelopers chooses the best firms by filtering a vast list of companies and introduces only the competitive names to the businesses, enterprises, and entrepreneurs to partner with. The company has a friendly team of researchers and a hassle free communication system. They provide the listing service for various technologies and services, which makes it a one stop destination to find your perfect technology partner.

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