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Robosoft adds capabilities in embedded engineering after integration of TechnoPro India’s operations

We have been a proven partner in designing and developing direct-to-consumer and enterprise digital platforms. BFSI, Media & Entertainment, Retail & e-commerce have traditionally been our focus areas to craft end-to-end digital solutions. We are now pleased to announce the integration of TechnoPro India operations, which will add specialist capabilities in embedded engineering to our bouquet of offerings.

With new capabilities in embedded engineering, Robosoft aims to serve the Manufacturing, Automotive & Construction industries too across the globe. Robosoft will now offer a range of high-end engineering and design solutions including Model Based Development & Testing, Model Development for Architectural and Unit levels using MathWorks, dSPACE and Autodesk technologies.

Building end-to-end digital products and platforms using a human-centred design approach is at our core. We recently added AI/Analytics through our acquisition of the analytics consulting practice of Cartesian Consulting Pvt. Ltd. We have partnered with CyberArk for Cybersecurity and SAP Signavio for business process modelling services recently. We are now inheriting deep expertise and skillsets for providing embedded engineering services through this integration. We are now well-positioned to become a one-stop shop for building smart digital platforms for most industries.

For further information, read the press release.

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Supporting Sustainable Rural Livelihood: Reviving Udupi Sarees

In a momentous collaboration between Udupi district’s cooperative societies and Padmashali Nekara Prathisthana, a significant development was taken towards the revitalization of Udupi Handloom sarees funded by NABARD and Robosoft Technologies (through CSR initiative). This demonstrates corporate responsibility and cultural preservation. Under the guidance of Ratnakar Indrali, president of Padmashali Nekara Prathisthana, the initiative aimed at meeting the rising demand for GI tagged Udupi sarees while empowering local women artisans.

The inauguration of this program was honored by Udupi MLA, Deputy Commissioner, zilla panchayat CEO and many other eminent personalities. Robosoft Technologies, in commitment towards doing social good, played a vital role by contributing to a CSR fund aimed at revitalizing Udupi sarees.

Through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, we allocated substantial funds toward key aspects of the project. This included the restoration and enhancement of training facilities, acquisition of handlooms, and provision of training and stipends for women artisans undergoing skill development programs. The comprehensive allocation of resources amounted to Rs. 32.8 Lakhs, highlighting Robosoft’s commitment to community welfare and cultural heritage preservation.

The successful inauguration of the renovated training center, combined with the distribution of stipends to trainees, marked a significant milestone in Udupi’s cultural journey. Robosoft Technologies, represented by Mr. Sridharan, Mr. Nandakishore, and Ms. Laxmi Shetty, reaffirmed its dedication to social impact and cultural preservation through their active participation in the event.

This collaborative effort serves as a beacon of women empowerment, skill enrichment, and the safeguarding of traditional art forms. Our CSR initiative sets an example for businesses to contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage, thereby encouraging a cooperative relationship between commerce and tradition.

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New beginnings at our Bengaluru office

In the first week of January 2024, we moved into a brand new office in Bengaluru. Located at a prime tech park, this office aims to enhance our diverse talent’s collaboration. We are committed to strengthening our mission of ‘Simplifying Digital. Simplifying Lives’ by providing a great work environment for our team of developers, designers, engineers, and analysts.

Here are some glimpses of the office and the inauguration function:

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Robosoft Technologies Wins “Best of Show” Honors at 2023 OTT Executive Summit

The 10th annual OTT Executive Summit, held in mid-December 2023 as a virtual and global conference, gathered over 750 attendees including executives from leading brands such Netflix, Tubi, Plex, Roku, Vizio, Philo, Warner Bros. Discovery, TelevisaUnivision, Google TV, Dish Media, AMC Networks, Sinclair Broadcasting, Canela Media, E.W. Scripps, Charter Communications, Cox Media, and many other companies across the Media & Entertainment industry.

We are pleased to announce that Robosoft Technologies was voted “Best of Show” by a prestigious group of industry executives, at the event. OTT Executive Summit is a division of Trender Research, USA. The annual OTT Executive Summit is a microcosm of the 50,000+ strong OTT Executive Community, which is a global consortium of industry leaders from across the globe. It includes a newsletter, podcast, research, webinars, white papers, executive meetups, and various social media accounts including the largest OTT group on LinkedIn.

“The Best of Show award goes to the OTT product or service that is judged to be the best solution for the needs of today’s OTT and streaming services” said Brian Mahony, President of OTT Executive Community. “This is an amazing honor when you consider the senior audience who voted on the award.”

Ravi Teja Bommireddipalli, our global CEO made a keynote presentation at the OTT Executive Summit and also delivered an insightful session on ‘The Science and Psychology of Discoverability in OTT’. Pooja Bal, our VP of Strategy shared her views on ‘How to Create an Amazing OTT/Streaming User Experience Across All Screens’ along with industry experts.

Stephen Lathroum, President of Robosoft’s US operations said: ‘this honor reiterates our differentiated service offering for the media & entertainment industry. In a cluttered streaming market, we believe customer engagement is the key to building a viable business. Robosoft is uniquely positioned to craft media experiences that deliver great customer engagement and build a community of fans, which has a direct impact on the bottom line’.

Robosoft has a proven track record of building engaging OTT platforms, enjoyed by millions around the world. Know more about our Services and our capabilities in media & entertainment.

Connect with us to craft engaging digital experiences.

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Robosoft Technologies supports Solar-Powered PHCs Initiative of the Udupi District Health Office

The Udupi District Health Office is taking a significant step towards sustainable healthcare services and green energy by soliciting funds to install five-kilovolt (kV) solar systems in designated Primary Health Centres (PHCs). With a focus on delivering reliable healthcare services, especially ensuring the uninterrupted power supply for critical healthcare infrastructure while encouraging environmental responsibility, this initiative seeks support from corporate partners who share the same vision.

According to the District Health Officer of Udupi, this initiative aims to improve the critical healthcare infrastructure of the district while promoting environmental sustainability. With 15 solar-powered PHCs already among its 71 healthcare institutions, Udupi is well on its way to fortifying its healthcare infrastructure through these renewable energy initiatives. Robosoft Technologies is one of the partners committed to contributing Rs. 2 Lakhs each for installing solar systems at five selected PHCs around Udupi, mostly in rural areas. Out of those 5, the five-kilovolt (kV) solar system was installed in one PHC located at Basruru (near Kundapura), marking a significant step towards green energy initiative in the district’s healthcare infrastructure.

By installing 5 kV solar systems in select PHCs, the project will solve the problem of power shortages that impede critical medical services, ensuring continuous power for life-saving equipment, vaccine refrigeration, lighting, and communication devices. The project aims to provide several benefits, including cost efficiency, environmental stewardship, uninterrupted power access, and community engagement.

Robosoft Technologies extended an ardent call to potential supporters, emphasizing the project’s capacity to create a sustainable and life-improving impact.

This collaboration between the Udupi District Health Office and potential partners beckons a transformative journey towards the enhancement of the healthcare services that will bring about a meaningful community impact. With the installation of solar systems, the Udupi District Health Office is leading the way in promoting sustainable healthcare practices and green energy initiatives in the healthcare sector.

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Robosoft strengthens capabilities with acquisition of Cartesian Consulting’s Analytics Practice

Our analytics practice just got a boost as we have taken another step in our journey of becoming a preferred digital transformation partner. We are pleased to share that we have recently acquired the analytics consulting practice of Cartesian Consulting Pvt. Ltd., headquartered in Mumbai, India, and its affiliate, Cartesian DataSciences LLC, situated in Dallas, Texas.

The acquisition is a significant milestone in our goal of providing businesses with data-driven insights and analytics solutions. It enhances our capabilities to offer a comprehensive suite of analytics services, encompassing data strategy, engineering, data science, and advanced analytics.

Cartesian Consulting has a reputation in analytics and data-driven solutions, with a long-standing legacy of providing analytics consulting services to businesses across diverse industries globally.

By bringing Cartesian Consulting’s analytics practice under our wing, we are ready to deliver innovative solutions that help enterprises elevate brand affinity and boost their bottom line through the smart use of data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). Our combined expertise will enable us to provide advanced analytics and data-driven solutions, from creating data strategies and constructing robust data engineering pipelines to designing intelligent systems and delivering valuable data-driven insights.

Our vision to “Simplify Lives by Simplifying Digital” is further reinforced with this strategic acquisition. As we align our strengths with Cartesian Consulting, we aim to elevate our capabilities for providing analytics solutions that address the unique challenges and requirements of the clients.

To learn more, read the views of Ravi Teja Bommireddipalli, CEO of Robosoft Technologies, and Sandeep Mittal, CEO of Cartesian Consulting, in our announcement.

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Robosoft constructs roofing facility for farmer’s market at Udupi from CSR funds

We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Department of Horticulture of the Karnataka Government. We have undertaken the construction of the entire roofing facility, which was an uncovered marketplace in Udupi.

The inauguration of the new constructed roofing facility at Doddangudde, Udupi for the benefit of farmers, sellers and the general public was held on 22nd June. The event had many dignitaries from the government, bureaucrats and the concerned department. The Managing Director and CEO of Robosoft Technolgies Ravi Teja Bommireddipalli was felicitated. Anitha Aiyappa, VP- Human Possibilities was part of the auspicious lighting of the lamp ceremony. The chief guest and other speakers thanked Robosoft for this thoughtful initiative which will benefit all the stakeholders – farmers, traders and end consumers.

The market was abuzz with activity and everyone could enjoy the mela without the worry of rains, thanks to the roofing structure. The completion of the roofing structure would benefit all the stakeholders in several ways:

  • Encourage farmers to grow organic vegetables and bring them to sell to general public at the said venue
  • Conduct various programmes at department level such as training on gardening, apiculture, mushroom farming and few other programmes related to horticulture
  • Conduct several melas to sell mango, jackfruit and such other fruits grown by farmers
  • Conduct training program for self-help groups and women’s empowerment
  • Provide space for general public for conducting food festivals
  • Conduct a grand flower show on behalf of Government (similar to the Lalbagh Flower Show in Bangalore during Republic Day)

Ravi Teja Bommireddipalli said that ‘Robosoft is committed to giving back to the society and community in every way we can. We also urge to explore the use of digital technologies to simplify lives of Udupi citizens’.



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Robosoft awarded ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification, an internationally recognized standard that ensures we meet the needs of our clients through an effective Quality Management System. In addition, we have also been awarded ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification – an internationally recognized specification for the world’s best-known standard for information security management systems (ISMS) and their requirements.

Robosoft Technologies awarded ISO certifications

The ISO Standards website says that the ISO 9001 standard is based on ‘a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement’. The ISO 27001 certification is about IT security, cybersecurity, and privacy protection.

We take this opportunity to thank Bureau Veritas, the certification body, and its team for working with us through the rigorous process. We also thank all at Team Robosoft who made these certifications possible.

At Robosoft, we are committed to providing our customers with world-class service and these certifications are a testimony to that. Our vision of Simplifying Lives is further strengthened with these two certifications.

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What is product management – myths, core values, methodologies, and scope

Various definitions of product management have been floating around for more than two decades now. In fact, product managers themselves may have varying definitions of product management.

Martin Eriksson’s representation, though overused, remains extremely relevant to the present day. The product manager’s role oscillates between gathering customer needs/wants, aligning business objectives, hand-in-glove relationship with the tech and design teams; and extensive data crunching. Product managers can perform these roles by interacting with business stakeholders or meeting users directly. He can also do market analysis, competitive analysis, derive impact of product changes and more.

“A product manager is essentially a person who is tasked with identifying the customer needs and the larger business objectives that a product or feature will fulfill, thereby articulating what success looks like for the product, and drives the team to turn that vision into a reality.”


Myths about product management

Over the years several myths about the function have surfaced. It is influenced by the fact that there is no exact definition and job description of Product Manager or PM. Some of these myths are listed below –

PM is CEO of the product – Unlike the CEO, a PM gets pulled in all directions by various stakeholders. The PM commands minimal authority as the stakeholders try to incorporate their own suggestions into the product. Even the team the PM rallies, do not report to him/her. Hence the reality is far from this loosely thrown moniker.

PM should be creative – The primary role of the PM is to solve the customers’ problems. It is their responsibility to pull all the strings together to deliver a quality product. So rather than having abundant creativity, a PM must pay attention to all minute details.

PM should be a visionary – The PM looks for the most efficient way to solve customer’s problem. He doesn’t go deep into the future problems or solutions the customer may face or need. It is futile to expect a prediction of exact date and time of migration of entire Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 from a PM.

PM needs to make every stakeholder happy – The only person a PM should look to make happy is the customer. It doesn’t matter whose suggestions and needs get more priority as long as the customer is happy. Due to this, many times some key stakeholders will not be happy. But a PM must always look at the ultimate goal.

PM must know coding – Technical knowledge does help when allocating tasks and assigning timelines. But that doesn’t mean only software engineers can be exceptional product managers. You can do very well without knowing how to code via the help of various software tools.

Product Manager and Project Manager are the same – Product Management and Project Management are loosely interchanged in corporate parlance but essentially, they are worlds apart.

[table image]

Some common methodologies/models in product management


The idea is to set product strategy and create product roadmaps in an agile environment. Agile methodology encourages an adaptive approach to product planning and implementation. It enables organizations to quickly respond to feedback and build products that customers love. At its core, agile product management is a response to the widespread use of agile software development methodologies. These methods emphasize evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement.



Scrum is a type of agile development methodology. It is used in the development of software based on an iterative and incremental process. It is an adaptable, fast flexible, and effective agile framework used during development.

Scrum delivers value to the customer throughout the development of the project. It creates an environment of transparency in communication, collective responsibility, and continuous progress.



Waterfall model can be best put as a linear product management approach. Here the PM creates a sequential project plan after gathering stakeholder and customer requirements at the beginning of the project. It is named the waterfall model because each phase of the project cascades into the next, flowing steadily down like a waterfall.


General Structure of Product Manager/Product Owner Squad

The basic structure of the Product Manager Squad remains the same despite having a fluid headcount.

  • The Scrum Master handles picking up the tasks for the developers and designers and clearly capturing them in time bound sprints.
  • The Business Analyst helps in writing user stories that are captured in product management tools like Jira. They also help with data crunching – market and competitive analysis, how the changes in the product are faring, etc.
  • Then there are development team members – the ones working on the front end, back end, and middleware. They comprise of Developers, Testers, Solutions Architects and DBAs. The profiles of developers vary according to their expertise in specific technologies.
  • And last but not least comes the creative lot – the designers. They comprise of Design Architects, UX Designers and UI Designers.

Now these team members could be working on the payroll of the product organization, or they may be outsourced.


What makes a ‘Great Product Manager’?

Before deciding what makes a great product manager, we need to understand and appreciate their role. A product manager’s role is truly a people’s role that involves taking inputs/ buy-ins of numerous stakeholders and getting work done through multiple team members.

Hence, we can say that although technological know-how/ core competencies are imperative, the one skill that really distinguishes good product managers from great ones is – stakeholder management.


And if one wants to shift organizations for personal growth, the following aspects must be looked at with great detail:

  • The current stage of the organization – introduction/ growth/ maturity/ decline
  • Industry analysis- which sector the company operates in. The learnings in one industry will vary from the other. Hence the decision to shift should be made by weighing the learning trajectory and not just the compensation on offer.
  • Culture fit- All companies have different ways of working. What works for one product manager might not work for the other and vice versa. Look into the company philosophy and vision.

Thus, we can argue that it’s the “product management mindset” that helps you grow in this profession rather than just having skills.

List of popular tools used by product managers worldwide

[table image]


What is MVP and its significance beyond the set features?

Of all the milestones in the career span of product managers, the MVP is arguably the most important milestone.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can be graphically represented as below:


This graph takes the assumption that customer expectations remain static with time, which usually is not the case. All the skills, tools and methodologies are applied to arrive at this milestone. It further lays the foundation for incremental features in the product.

A timely MVP is hence the validation of all the inputs at play. These are – stakeholders’ inputs, market research and data crunching done to arrive at handpicked features, the effectiveness of the design and development teams, and of course, the dexterity of the omnipresent PM. A great MVP is reflection of a team which is working like a well-oiled machine. It is bound to achieve great heights with its vision and execution capabilities.

Why does product management continue to grow in relevance?

With the increasing adoption of tech in all spheres of life, the relevance of the PM will continue to grow. As we can see, traditional companies continue to invest in and augment their digital infrastructure. Top tech companies are pivoting their business strategies. The final execution of all these responsibilities comes on the shoulders of the PMs. Hence this is one role that keeps you at the cusp of technological innovation and the steepest learning curves over any spectrum of time.

When the flamboyant richest person in the world purchases a top social media company, it is the role of the PMs to turn things around and that too quickly.

Since closing on his $44B acquisition of Twitter, Musk and his advertisers have discussed many product enhancements, which are all in the public domain:

  • One product team is working on paid direct messaging. It would let users send private messages to Very Important Tweeters or VITs. According to seen mock-ups, the users would be able to send private messages to their favorite celebrities for a nominal fee.
  • They have also talked about adding “paywalled” videos, which would mean that certain videos could not be viewed unless users paid a fee.
  • There were also discussions to revive Vine, a one-time short-form video platform, which would attract a younger audience of coveted advertisers.
  • The billionaire announced the “Twitter Blue” subscription service, which will offer enhanced features for a monthly $8 fee.

This gives a clear indication of how intricately the pressures that Musk, the world’s richest man is under to deliver immediate results. And all these initiatives are linked to the frenzy of product development initiatives. Product Management is hence at the core of all technical innovations/ disruptions occurring in the world at any given moment.

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Robosoft and NITK Surathkal to develop a Web 3.0 driven platform for students and organisations

Robosoft has partnered with NITK Surathkal to develop a collaborative platform. It allows job-seeking students and organisations to connect and interact for opportunities including projects, internships, and jobs through the platform.

The proposed platform is different from the current solutions as it is built on Web 3.0 technologies. It gives the students and organizations ownership of their personal data during interactions. The platform enables the students to share their profiles and showcase their work to organizations. They can do it in the form of white papers, projects, studies, or research in and outside their chosen fields.

In turn, organisations offering jobs or internships will be able to view relevant student profiles. Students will get recommendations for jobs, projects, or internships from the platform. It will be based on their qualifications and interests determined through use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools. The discussions between the student and the company will be private and offer peace-of-mind.

Prof. Udaykumar R Yaragatti, Former Director (In-charge), NITK Surathkal, said, ‘We believe both the student community and the corporate world will benefit from this platform. It is a secure and decentralised platform which uses blockchain in use-cases such as validating a student profile.’ The platform will be built by NITK, Dr. Sourav Kanti Addya and Dr. Mohit P. Tahiliani.

Prof. Udaykumar R Yaragatti Former, Director (In-charge), NITK Surathkal and Ravi Teja Bommireddipalli, the MD & CEO of Robosoft Technologies in frame

Prof. Udaykumar R Yaragatti, Former Director (In-charge), NITK Surathkal and Ravi Teja Bommireddipalli, MD & CEO of Robosoft Technologies in frame

We will provide support to the project through strategic advisory, multidisciplinary research, development and education in emerging technologies and applications. ‘Robosoft is thrilled to partner with NITK in this path-breaking project which solves a consumer pain point creatively through technology’ said Ravi Teja Bommireddipalli, the MD & CEO of the company. The proposed platform will be free-to-use with no membership fees to avail the services.

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