How to secure customer loyalty in the mobile age: Ravi Teja Bommireddipalli in The Marketing Scope

In an article in The Marketing Scope, our CEO Ravi Teja Bommireddipalli outlines how creating personalized experiences in today’s mobile-centric world is a key aspect of securing customer loyalty. In today’s digital world, Ravi considers creating personalized experience is one of the most vital aspects to secure customer loyalty.
According to Ravi :
When a customer feels that a company knows them, understands their tendencies, recommends products and services based on their interests, and makes them feel appreciated, they will become loyal customers who also will serve as advocates for the brand.
He talks about the various aspects of creating personalized experiences like:
–  tapping into the power of emotional engineering, 
– leveraging personas, 
– gathering customer feedback, and more…
He details out each of these aspects with various use cases from leading brands.
Ravi further explains that securing data is only part of the equation. Incorporating strategies like emotional engineering, creating personas based on machine-learning, tailoring solutions to meet specific customers’ needs and preferences, and wisely using customer data are all ways that marketers can help improve the customer experience which helps to secure customer loyalty and customer advocacy.

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