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Ninad Chhaya
Ninad Chhaya is VP - Delivery (Games and Entertainment). He has extensive experience in the gaming industry in India and is an avid Star Wars fan.
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What marketers need to know about gamification

Several brands have adopted new media platforms and tools and it is heartening to see gamification as part of the new marketing mix. However, there is a lot of misconception about this practice. Many brands fail to implement a successful gaming strategy to drive customer engagement and create brand awareness.

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Mobile Opinion

Brands and Advergaming – the untapped potential

Advergaming is a term used in the mobile marketing industry to interchangeably describe both a bespoke game for a brand or in-game advertising by a brand. In the former, a brand creates a game which brings alive the brand’s essence. The latter is about creating a branding element – either in the form of static or interactive branding inside a game, created by some other brand or franchise.

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